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How to have suprem quality of linvestment casting mold?

Industry News 2/23/2019 9:21:54 AM 管理员 233

the first process of investment casting production is to make investment casting lost wax casting mold is a model used to form an investment casting cavity in a refractory investment casting if you want to obtain high precision dimensions and high surface finishing,first for invesment casting mold itself should have high precision dimension and high surface finishing ,sencond lost wax mold itself should make simple and easy for investment casting shell process and other process .

in order to have suprem quality of lost wax casting mold ,we should asko choose the suitable investment casting mold material and reasonalble investment casting process.
the function of invesment casting mold shell cant only ensure to make high precision dimensions,well strenth , light weight ,but it should also create conditions for the manufacture of the lost wax casting shell and the acquisition of good castings.
preparation of investment casting mould material:the purpose of preparing the mould material is to mix all the raw materials to form a uniform body. and the state of the die material meets the requirements of the pressing mold.
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