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Two Advantages of lost wax casting (investment casting)

Industry News 5/22/2017 9:24:57 AM 管理员 191
Compared to the traditional casting process, the lost wax casting can obtain relatively accurate shape. The investment casting process is to make fusible pattern, coat several refractory layer, to get a shell after drying and hardening process, then to use steam or hot water melt the pattern from shell, to put the shell in sand box for modeling purpose, the last step is to bake mode l in high temperature, then pour melt metal to get casting parts.Nowadays, lots of mechanical parts are made by lost wax casting (investment casting) process cause by two advantages:
1, lost wax casting (investment casting) process is suitable for complex shape,especially for alloy material casting parts who work in high temperature. For example, the jet-propeller engine impeller, which has streamline outer contour and cavity for cooling. It can be made by precision casting (investment casting)process for batch production, to ensure consistency, the most important is it wouldn't left concentrated press after machining, so it couldn't be made by machining process.
2, lost wax casting (investment casting) have good surface finish and accuracy dimension, which can reduce machining workload, only need to machine local surface where require highly accuracy. Even some parts only need grind and shot blasting, total no need further machining.We can get a conclusion according to above points, lost wax casting (investment casting) process can save tool facilities, machining work hours, and raw material.

Application : chemical industry, mining industry, precision machined parts, auto parts,maching parts,marine parts,automobile Casting Parts, architectural Casting Parts, and general Casting Parts,railway industry, mechanical components,construction machinery industry,blades and vanes for turbines,glass pool fencing,staircase balustrades,balcony/terrace balustrade etc,textile industry, medical parts, machine industry,mechanical components, aeroplane and aerospace industry, automotive industry, agricultural industry, valve and pump industry etc.