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We are foundry , metal casting buyes can not miss

Industry News 4/6/2020 9:23:23 AM 管理员 183
we olym foundry dedicated to the development and supply of steel components metal casting based on silica sol investment casting technology. we have very stable staffing and our engineering team specialized in project engineering ,cost reduction etc.
all of us try to cultivate long-term relationships with every customers with positive, enthusiastic management attitudes.
olym casting adheres to high quality standards for all customers , where we have met our clients needs with efficiently lost wax casting engineered solutions and allows our clients peace of mind.
our focus is working with customers in constant collaboration.
to new metal casting buyers and potential steel casting clients who would like to use investment casting technology , our suggestions as below :
1. if the steel casting product is new item and you have not done in other place ,we will provide casting expertise to customers that are looking to stabilize and reduce manufacturing costs.and also we will communicate with each other many times about new casting product design, problems, etc
2.if the metal casting product is old and you have done in other place before ,no matter about that . we hope you can advise us any quality problems and give us a complete description of the investment casting tooling . maybe we engineer will suggest design modifications to improve quality and to discuss problems with you openly.
to old clients who would like to built long-term busineess with our foundry , we stands behind our commitment to your success.
to all the clients no matter new or old ,seek to reduce cost by maximizing the number of steel castings per mold.
in fact ,olym casting appoints an enineer to each program at kick off,we are an iso 9001:2015 certified investment casting foundry,since our founding we have been committed to being our customer’s trusted supply chain partner: conscious of quality, cost-efficient, dynamic, and reliable.