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Locking system for storage of bicycles and accessories?

Industry News 8/23/2017 9:22:14 AM 管理员 224

a computerized locking system for storage of bicycles and accessories bike accessories,includes: plurality of receiving bays to releasably secure the bicycles; a plurality of equipment storage units; a support surface for the receiving bays and the equipment storage units; and a computerized access box. the access box controls the locking and releasing of the bicycle accessories and the storage unit.

an embodiment of the invention is a secure storage unit for bicycles and related equipment that protects bicycles and related equipment from unauthorized removal. the unit can include a computerized access box which can control both the locking and releasing of the bicycle and equipment storage box. the rectangular storage unit can include a housing to be mounted on a support surface. the bicycles may be locked in place in distinct bicycle receiving bays located on top of the rectangular storage unit. related equipment may be placed in distinct storage boxes housed within the storage unit. the computerized access unit can use a credit card reader and an access code receiving device that may lock a specific bay and storage box upon insertion of a bank or credit card, or by the entering of a specific access code, and may begin timing the period in which the bicycle and equipment is locked in the storage unit. when the bank or credit card is read or the access code is entered for the second time, the bicycle and the storage box may be unlocked, and the credit card may be billed for the storage charge.