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OLYM is one of the precision casting manufacturers produces 100% silica sol investment casting used in the Transportation, Pulp & Paper, Instrumentation Industries, Petro-Chemical ,Textile Machinery, Food & Dairy, Agriculture Machinery, Pumps & Valves ,Sports and other hardware Accessories. Over 200 different compositions of Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Tool Steel, Corrosion-Resistant, Heat-Resistant and Wear-Resistant Steel and other metal castings are produced in weights ranging from 0.003kgs to 50 Kgs .

For precision complex components made to standards that are as strict as your customers’ requirements, choose a partner with a stable and rich team that can support you from the beginning.

A close working relationship from the precision casting design stage ensures a consistent flow and outstanding precision casting quality throughout the silica sol investment casting manufacturing process. You’ll eliminate the risk of errors, in addition to saving time and money.

The agricultural equipment must be responsible for putting food on our tables, rain or shine in the strenuous conditions. When it comes to the production of complex farming equipment and machinery, precision casting is one of the most common manufacturing processes used, due to its ability to meet tight tolerances, short lead times,little secondary machining required, precision casting offers an inexpensive and efficient method for producing the highly durable parts required for agricultural components.

Investment casting used in the Agriculture Machinery, include Agricultural Machinery Castings,Agricultural Wear Parts , tillage Tools,Vehicle components & hardware,Manifolds, brackets,Levers, handles, latches, Parts for waste removal equipment,Pivots, Clutch pins etc.


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Agriculture Machinery

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other hardware Accessories

From raw casting to complete manufacturing and assembly, OLYM Metal Product Co,.LTD has the capabilities and expertise necessary to cater to all your project needs.