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If you do outsourcing casting serve, please don’t miss OLYM

Industry News 1/22/2019 9:22:54 AM 管理员 204
We are trusted and reliable lost wax casting supplier from China to international companies from start ups to leading multinational corporations

OLYM , an Your Reliable Partner In China is a trusted outsourcing casting vendor products to leading international OEM companies in the following industries: chemical, aviation, railway, automobile, marine equipment, heat treatment equipment, hydraulic pneumatic machinery, mining industry, engineering machinery, medical equipment, fluid measuring equipment, aerospace ,just to name a few. We are committed to a quality on every stage of production and capable to handle complex projects from concept to manufacturing.

OLYM is a leading outsourcing investment casting company’s vendor providing support in supply of cast steel or machined steel components or finished tailor made products in any grade of steel, low and high alloy steel, stainless steel and other ferrous material. OLYM is committed to provide high quality lost wax casting products and high level of service to achieve customer satisfaction with ISO 9000 certificate and environment certificate . OLYM supply quality metal products to our customers at competitive prices, of course ,our steel casting costing is transparent, we don't hide a thing, you can make effective costing decisions when you deal with us.

Reliability: over 19 years in business
Professionalism: team of dedicated employees with overseas trained managers
Competitive pricing: long term stable price
Quality: ISO 9001 certified and environment certificate
Transportation: we guarantee on time delivery for any load in transit

Over the years, OLYM has developed a reputation for precision casting, quality and service. These traits have become the hallmark of our success and have enabled us to assume a leadership role in the lost wax casting business.

We pay high attention on details about every investment cast step and no detail was to small to escape our attention. Because we are dedicated to supply our customers high quality castings and build long collaborate . OLYM appoints an engineer to each program at kick off.

Quality Control :
Take advantage of prompt responses, competitive pricing, and quality metal products

All materials can be tested and inspected in various ways. Like spectrograph,Tensile Test, Yield Test, Hardness Test, Flattening Test, etc. under independent third party witness and in independent Laboratories.

Any additional testing to your specific requirements can be carried out separately by our higher qualified inspectors in-house laboratory or independent laboratory under third party witness.

we are able to control the manufacturing steel casting process and progress in accordance with your expectations on quality and delivery time.

If economically justified, lost wax samples will be produced and must meet customers’ requirements before formally production.

All lost wax casting products are suitably packed for transportation. OLYM entered into an agreement to handle all our world wide deliveries with reliable international freight forwarders.

We can also use 3D printing techniques to produce the initial wax pattern, allowing for rapid prototyping for fit and function testing and lost wax process validation before moving on to full scale production.

It is essential and in our mutual interest that both the client and OLYM are committed to develop and maintain a straight-forward long-term relationship to succeed in the shared ambition to achieve the best performance, the highest quality, and a substantial reduction of steel casting costs.

We provide our outsourcing casting Buyers who outsourcing low-cost components with straight forward honest pricing and flexible VOLUMS to ensure that all our metal casting clients maintain additional competitive edge in their industry.

OLYM is your off-shore metal casting manufacturing partner ensures your components are produced to specification and delivered on time to your loading dock.

Make us part of your lost wax casting supply chain, our team of engineers will work closely with you to enhance your competitive position in the market.