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Industry News May 29,2017 管理员 280
history of bicycle (cycling )

bicycles were quickly adopted after their introduction in the 19th century and remain popular with more than a billion people worldwide used for recreation, transportation and sport.

cycling as recreation became organized shortly after racing did. in its early days, cycling brought the sexes together in an unchaperoned way, particularly after the 1880s when cycling became more accessible owing to the invention of the rover safety bicycle. public cries of alarm at the prospect of moral chaos arose from this and from the evolution of woman’s cycling attire, which grew progressively less enveloping and restrictive.

on 4 march 1915 the society for the construction of cycle paths in the gooi and england region in the netherlands was founded. it is the last private “cycle path society” that still exists today. some people thought the increasing amount of motor traffic in the early 20th century was so dangerous for people cycling, especially those who rode as a leisure activity, that they wanted separate cycling infrastructure to be built. the routes would also not be connected to a route for motor traffic and mainly for recreation - so not the shortest routes, but the nicest routes.

today we see a resurgence of recreational cycling. we can see this with many companies meeting the demand for this trend and specialin retro/vintage style bikes that originated in the netherlands.

till now there are many kinds of bike.
roadbicycle,trackbicycle,triathlon/timetrialbicycle,mountainbike,downhillbike,touringbicycle,advertisingbike,cross-countrycyclin and so on.

bike accessories: bicycle body of all parts and accessories collectively. according to the frame body can be divided into: frame, tires, pedal parts, front fork assembly, flywheel chain, etc.. the frame of the bicycle, tyre, pedal, brake, the chain of 25 parts, its basic components which are indispensable. the frame is a bicycle frame, it has suffered and the weight of the goods. according to the work characteristics of all parts, it can be roughly classified into guide system, driving system, braking system.

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