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OLYM Metal Product Co.LTD has the capability of producing prototype investment castings to eliminate hard tooling costs in 2-3weeks.

Rapid prototype castings help identify opportunities for design optimization before the manufacturing process begins -- effectively shortening lead times and improving production capabilities. Advancements in concurrent engineering and investment casting technology permit Precision Castings of OLYM to quickly design and fabricate rapid prototype castings without the expense of permanent tooling.

By taking advantage of rapid prototyping castings, expensive design changes are virtually eliminated, allowing you to quickly bring your product to market. Once we verify design functionality through rapid prototype castings, cost-effective hard tooling can be fabricated. .

We understand the demand to produce castings quickly for our customers, but still provide a high-quality product. Besides being a quick, cost-saving investment casting option, below are some of the benefits for prototype investment casting.

  • Tight dimensional tolerances

  • Complex and cored geometries

  • Greater design freedom

  • Larger alloy selection

  • Little to no machining or finishing because of the casting process

  • Quickly design and produce simple to complex parts, without hard tooling

Rapid Prototype Investment casting