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The demand for Silica sol investment casting

Industry News April 18,2023 admin 542

The investment casting market is led by one of investment casting manufacturers in China is OLYM Metal Product Co.LTD .

OLYM Metal Product Co.LTD is likely to lead the investment casting factory as it is one of the significant facilities that majorly contribute to the growth of the investment casting industry in China.

Silica sol investment casting gives the investment castings better dimensional accuracy and surface finish with minimal defects. Hence, the cost of the process is higher than that of the water glass casting. Silica sol zircon sand is very expensive, and the preparation required is also higher, which is a prime reason for the higher costs. However, this sodium silicate casting process(silica sol investment casting ) is preferred if the highest casting quality and the low repair rate are the main focus of the end user. Compared to the water glass process, the silica sol process can produce extra-large parts weighing 50-100 kg. Hence, this Silica sol investment casting process is used for producing larger and heavier parts, like water pumps, impellers, diversion shells, pump bodies, ball valve bodies, and valve plates. At the same time, this process is widely used to produce extra small parts (2-1000 g) that require high dimensional accuracy.

The silica sol investment casting used in automotive or industrial components,the expanding auto sector evoke high utilization of investment casting application for automotive parts and components will would likely to elevate the demand for investment casting during long term period,

The demand for Silica sol investment casting is also majorly driven by the growing aerospace and military industry, as there are many different applications and parts of aircraft, helicopters, and jets that are produced through investment casting. These include flight critical and safety components, landing and braking components, and hydraulic fluid system components, all of which are vital to the safety of the aircraft.

 The demand for Silica sol investment casting

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