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Why our investment casting factory called OLYM?

Company news 3/8/2024 3:37:27 PM admin 221

Many customers visit our factory and would like to know why our company called OLYM,here I want to know the

history of our company and our company name.

Our boss Mr hou major in casting while study in university,afer graduation, he worked in Guangzhou casting

factory which is belong to state-owned enterprise,. and served as the factory director,but later, a the

restructurig of stated-owned enterprises,Mr hou started to built his own factory in Zhaoqing in 2000, the factory

named Zhaoqing Machinery factory, but in 2001,Beijing suceessfully bid for OLYMPIC Games , as the memorial , the

factory was officially renamed as OLYM Metal Product Co.,ltd.

OLYM Metal Products Co., Ltd is dedicated to develop high quality lost wax investment casting supplier, and

finished parts for various industrial applications ,ensuring utmost customer satisfaction and endorsement

The utmost priority is always given to professionalism. OLYM Metal Products Co., Ltd is fully equipped with

advanced processing investment casting machinery capable of handling the most intricate shapes, ensuring top-notch

tolerances, high-quality finishes, rigorous testing, and strict inspection. All production procedures are supported

by highly trained engineers and technicians who are dedicated to delivering excellence.

OLYM Metal Products Co., Ltd is committed to achieving superior quality investment casting parts and market

success, which will benefit us all.

Why our investment casting factory called OLYM?