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OEM silica sol investment casting

    From raw casting to complete manufacturing and assembly, OLYM has the capabilities and expertise necessary to cater to all your project needs. 

    Detailed introduction

    We are customer oriented! From your first inquiry to the final product delivery, our team's reactivity will meet and exceed your expectations.

    Investment casting also called lost wax casting or precision casting can provide durable, detailed parts with long life-cycles, high load bearing properties, and excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, investment casting also allows for faster production and inexpensive tooling costs, making it a convenient and affordable option for a variety of industries,such as Valve castings, Manifolds, Castings for pump parts & housings,Hardware, lock & hinge metal castings, Precision medical castings, Dental parts castings, Military & firearm parts, Hand tool parts casting,Aerospace and aviation parts,Tools,Hoisting & Transportation , Industrial Components, Aviation, Medical Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Pump & Fluid Technology, Food & Pharmaceutical Industry and detail part name are likes agricultural wear parts;Tillage Tools, Harvester Knife Guards, bucket teeth & adapters;Axle boxes, Alex bod housing,Centre plates, Bearing bracket, Pedestals, Door hinges, Yokes etc.