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OLYM Metal Product Co.,LTD?is the the top custom stainless steel investment casting in China.With our decades of the professional stainless steel investment casting process, we provide you with customized stainless steel casting services to meet your precise design specifications in various grades.

Extensive Product Range with Wide Applications

We offer castings used in petrochemical, engineering and marine industries such as impellers, pumps, valves, floor drains and flanges with weight ranging from 0.005 to 50kg; parts of mechanical transmission such as coupling castings; castings used in the food industry; parts used in the automobile industry; and auto project, boiler and logistics accessories used in automatic production lines.

The company has achieved the total quality management in the quality management, passed ISO9001:2015 standard certification, and the company has equipped with Prospect direct reading spectrometer, corresponding testing equipment and instruments, CNC machine tools, lathe, milling machine, plane machine, drilling machine

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