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Investment Casting with Electrolytic Polishing

      The surface roughness of ceramic investment casting can reach Ra10~1.25 micron, with high size precision of 3~5 grade, which can achieve less cutting purpose.The ceramic cast life are comparable to those made by machining methods and less manufactured than those made by machining methods.
    And here some investment casting products need to do with electrolytic polishing.

    This is a metal removal process in which stainless steel is used as an anode in the electrolyte.

     The process is usually used for machining parts because their shapes are difficult to polish with conventional methods.But electrolytic polishing will make the surface impurities more obvious, especially titanium and niobium stabilized material will be due to granular impurities in the weld area difference.

     The small weld scars and sharp edges can be removed by the process, which focuses on handling the protruding parts on the surface and dissolving them preferentially.

     Electrolytic polishing process is the stainless steel immersion in heated liquid, liquid ratio involves many proprietary technology and patented technology. Stainless steel electrolytic Polishing effect used in investment casting parts is very good.

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