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Meaningful Heat Treatment in Casting Foundry

       The casting foundry engineer and mechanical design engineer, heat treatment is a very meaningful, and has very high value to improve material quality, through heat treatment can cast steel and the nature of change or influence, and can obtain higher strength, hardness, wear resistance and improve its ability and so on.

     Due to different purposes, many types of heat treatment, the basic can be mainly divided into two categories, the first category is the organizational structure is not changed by heat treatment or should not change, the second is the basic organization structure change. The first heat treatment procedures, mainly for the elimination of internal stress, and the internal force system in the process of precision casting due to cooling condition and different conditions. The organization, strength and other mechanical properties, not because of heat treatment and change significantly.

      For the second kind of heat treatment, Al Qaeda has changed significantly, can be roughly divided into five categories。
(1) softening annealing: the main purpose is to decompose carbide, its hardness is reduced, and improve the processing performance, its purpose is to get more ferrite.
(2) normalizing treatment: the main purpose is to obtain the pearlite and sorbite organizations to improve the mechanical properties of the casting parts. 
(3) quenching: mainly in order to obtain high hardness and abrasion strength, at the same time to obtain very high wear resistant surface characteristics.
(4) surface hardening treatment: mainly to obtain the surface hardening layer, at the same time get very high surface wear resistance.
(5) precipitation hardening treatment: mainly for the high strength and elongation is not so drastic change。
(6) surface treatment: casting defects sometimes we don't have a lot of defects, it is not necessary to invest more cost, we use some repair agent can be repaired, convenient and simple, which can save cost for our factory, let our manufacturers more money to improve the quality of the product itself, allowing users to create more wealth.