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The Factors Refer to Quality of Precision Casting Parts

The Factors Refer to Quality of  Precision Casted Parts
    From the initial tooling design to material tests to the final product inspection, our quality procedures ensure the results meet the exact specifications required. The quality of precision casted parts is the most important in our factory. And there are many factors that influence the quality of precision casting parts, such as design process, casting technology, the quality of raw materials and technological operation.
1. Design precision casted parts 
During the design process, in addition to consideration the structure and dimension of precision casted parts based on the working conditions and the property of steel materials, we should also consider the rationality from the steel material itself. In order to avoid or reduce the precision casting composition segregation, deformation, cracks, we should consider the design of the precision casting parts.
2. Appropriate Casting Technology
The Appropriate casting process is also an important factor. That means, according to the casting structure, weight and dimension, characteristics of casting material and working conditions, we should choose a appropriate casting technology.
3. Qualified material
Qualified raw materials used in precision casted parts should check and control well in the first . The better and more suitable material we use, the better precision casted parts will perform.
4.Stable Responsible engineer team
We pay high attention on details about every precision casting step and no detail was too small to escape our attention. Because we are dedicated to supply our customers high quality castings and build long collaborate .
OLYM appoints an engineer to each program at kick off. Responsible for inspect and monitor every aspect of the production process ,we believe process control is paramount, resulting in more value-added products and services for our customers.