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Unique Advantages of Investment casting

Investment Casting - China's Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Investment Casting. ISO 9001-2015 Certified,OLYM Metal Products Co,ltd  can supply you Custom Made, Good Quality, Factory Price.
Unique Advantages of Investment casting as below:
1.Investment casting have high dimensional accuracy . The general linear tolerance is 1%,the angle tolerance is ±0.5°。 good surface finish, up to Ra 1.6-3.2,to save materials & reduce machining cost .
2.Investment casting can produce parts or components with complex shapes,or cast several parts into one whole,to avoid combination or welding. 
3. Beautiful text or LOGO images can be cast on the pproducts to improve the image of your products . 
4. The performance of materials for investment casting  are very extensive , wear-resistant ,heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the hardnes of the material is up to HRC15-60,to meet the demands of different industries.
5.Investment casting approved flexible production volume,from a small number to high-volume production,high-efficiency and good reproducibility ,low-cost mold,less input in the early product development. 
Investment castings are used in a wide range of industries, including firearms, food service, gas and oil,  energy industry,auto industry,medical fields, etc, All in all, investment castings can be used for almost anything where steel, aluminum, brass, and many other materials are required. OLYM Metal Products Co,ltd served all kinds of steel casting material ....
 OLYM Metal Products Co,ltd  can offer a wide range of finishing work including: Machining, Heat Treating, Non-Destructive Testing, Polishing, Passivation/Electropolishing, Deburring Coating, Packaging, and more depending on the needs of any part. Through testing and thorough inspection, we can ensure that no part that leaves  OLYM Metal Products Co,ltd  would not meet the most rigorous of requirements.
Contact us to find out more information about how OLYM Metal Products Co,ltd  can help you find the best solution for your investment casting needs.