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Investment casting dimension tolerance

Dimension tolerance ,for short, refers to the absolute value of the allowable difference between the maximum limit size and the minimum limit size,or the allowable difference between the upper and lower deviations.
Dimensional tolerance is an unsigned absolute value.
Limit deviation = limit size-basic size;
Upper deviation = maximum limit size-basic size;
Lower deviation = minimum limit size-basic size;
 Investment casting dimensional tolerance refers to the allowable change in the precision casting dimensions of parts in cutting. In the case of the same basic size, the smaller the lost wax casting dimensional tolerance, the higher the dimensional accuracy.
Relative to other foundry processes Investment Casting is a very precise method to produce a Near-Net shape cast product.  This capability stems both from the repeatability of the lost wax process and that a draft angle need not be added to cast surfaces.  As with all manufacturing processes there will exist some part-to-part variation that needs to be accommodated by a investment casting dimensional tolerance.
investment casting process
Effective part configuration is the critical element in achieving strict tolerances for investment casting. OLYM Precision's team of experts communicates with you at every step of the process - ensuring you of a quality experience that is unparalleled in the investment casting industry.
Investment casting costs are relative to the allowed tolerances for physical dimensions, alloy composition, and need for nondestructive testing. OLYM  is your source for affordable investment cast parts,.
Physical tolerances for investment cast parts are governed by several conditions of the lost wax casting process. The temperature of the wax mold and die, the chemical composition of the slurry shell, and the heat treating duration and temperature are just a few factors affecting the size of the final product.
Investment cast parts undergo linear tolerance for edge straightness, surface flatness, length, hole depth and radii, fillet and chamfer radii, and concentricity. Geometric tolerance defines and communicates investment casting profiles, parallelism, roundness, perpendicularity, tapering, cam profiles and true positioning.
 Linear tolerance refer to :
 Geometric tolerance refer to
The design and alloy involved affect the tolerance range and should be considered separately for each part.
We welcome the opportunity to consult with you regarding proposed designs and to submit more precise tolerance information for a specific casting.