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Lost wax casting process investment casting shell mould

This technique is also called lost wax casting technique and is one of the oldest investment casting techniques, which offers unlimited freedom in design and material choices. Products ranging from a few grams to more than one hundred kilogram are possible. We mainly silica sol casting,Typical applications can be found in the automotive, pump, food industry, architecture and general industrial engineering etc,such as precision machined parts ,bike accessories,auto parts and accessories valve casting ,pump casting ,mechanical components and some other steel casting precision casted  parts.
Investment casting components can be easily grinded, which makes it possible to produce excellent decorative structural components. The low investment casting in tooling and start-up costs makes it irrelevant whether a few pieces or hundreds of thousands of pieces are produced.
 Investment casting
shell mold play an important role in Lost wax casting process

lost wax casting is known and used to cast steel components with relatively complex geometries. For example, gas turbine engine components, such as airfoils, are fabricated by investment casting. A wax pattern is provided around the core in the geometry of the component to be cast. A refractory shell is formed around the wax pattern and the wax is then removed to form a mold cavity between the core and the shell. Molten metal is poured into the cavity. After solidification of the metal, the shell and core are removed using known techniques, to release the precision cast parts.  As a lost wax investment casting,lost wax supplies,,we pay attention to investment casting  shell mould .
Lost wax casting Shell Mold Construction by:
lost wax casting investment casting slurry

(a) dipping the preform assembly into a refractory investment casting slurry having fine particulate refractory grain in an aqueous solution of stabilized colloidal silica binder to define a coating of refractory material on the preform;
(b) contacting the refractory coating with coarse dry particulate refractory grain or “stucco” to define a stucco coating.
(c) air drying to define a green air dried insoluble bonded coating. air dried lost wax casting mold of the desired thickness.

investment casting shell mould

The result show that the investment casting mold shell strength is affected by binder, refractory materials and drying technology,after investment casting slurry ,the mould shell begin wait next lost wax casting process ,as it well know ,it need some days .Molding shell should meet the higher requirements investment casting used for large and precision casting.

precision casted parts