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lost wax casting is the ideal solution.

An increasing number of shops that make metal parts that are intricate, require extensive machining or are produced repetitively or in limited quantities, are finding that lost wax casting is the ideal solution.
If you’re fabricating parts out of bar metal, chances are it’s costing you a lot of extra time and money. If those parts require extensive machining, you could be losing significant money in scrap, especially if you’re using pricey metals or alloys.

An increasing number of shops that make metal parts that are intricate, require extensive machining or are produced repetitively or in limited quantities, are finding that lost wax casting is the ideal solution.

lost wax casting offers a variety of alloys and steels while saving finishing time and material waste. The process can also enable a company to combine two or more parts into a single piece, saving on fabrication, welding or assembly and machining time. The range of metals and alloys that can be investment-cast is broad, including low-cost alloys such as carbon and many tool steels or costly alloys such as stainless steel,etc.

When it comes to making metal parts, lost wax casting can provide a high return on investment for your shop and customers. Somewhat overlooked today, investment casting—forming metal parts in permanent molds—offers opportunities to create “near-net shape” parts of virtually any metal, even in low quantities.

lost wax casting is an ideal process for those who fabricate or use metal parts repetitively, whether intricate shapes or components that require precise tolerances. If those parts weigh between 0.01kg  and 20 kg, they can be investment-cast in close tolerances with surfaces that require little finishing.

As opposed to forming parts from bar metal, lost wax casting is also beneficial for fabricators who want to combine components into a single piece or use pricey metals and want to avoid wasted material while minimizing machine time, which can run $85 to $100 per hour including machine cost.

All critical dimensions and tolerances are very close, which also minimizes the need for machining.While reducing the demand on machine time is a significant savings, there is also substantial added savings in costly metals used to fabricate many parts.
OLYM  provide casting expertise to customers that are looking to stabilize and reduce manufacturing costs.

Turnaround time in our industry is often 8 to 12 weeks,We have been able to cut that time more than 60 percent. In emergency situations, we will do everything we can to turn around the needed castings as quickly as possible.

Over the years, OLYM has developed a reputation for precision, quality and service. These traits have become the hallmark of our success and have enabled us to assume a leadership role in the casting business.