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Ordering or inquiring steel casting

When making inquiries or ordering parts, all pertinent information must be stated on both  the inquiry and order.
This information should include all of the following components.
1. Casting shape – either by drawing or pattern. Drawings should include dimensional  tolerances, indications of surfaces to be machined, and datum points for locating. If only a pattern is provided, then the dimensions of the casting are as predicted by the pattern.
2. Material specification and grade (e.g. ASTM A 27/A 27M – 95 Grade 60-30 Class 1).
3. Number of parts.
4. Supplementary requirements (e.g. ASTM A 781/A 781M – 95 S2 Radiographic Examination).
A. Test methods (e.g. ASTM E 94)
B. Acceptance criteria (e.g. ASTM E 186 severity level 2, or MSS SP-54-1995).
5. Any other information that might contribute to the production and use of the part.
To produce a part by any manufacturing process it is necessary to know the design of the  part, the material to be used and the testing required. 

About steel casting as follows :