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Control model for continuous steel casting

A transient simulation and dynamic spray cooling control model for continuous steel casting
A two-dimensional heat-transfer model for transient simulation and control of a continuous steel casting slab caster is presented. Slab temperature and solidification are computed by the model as a function of time-varying casting speed, secondary spray cooling water flow rates and temperature, slab thickness, steel casting chemistry, and pouring and ambient temperatures. Typically, the solidification path, temperature-solid fraction relationship, is prescribed. However, if these data are not available, a microsegregation solidification model that approximates the effects of steel  casting chemistry and cooling rate is incorporated in the caster model. Measured slab surface temperatures recorded from an operating caster are compared with predictions from the transient model. These demonstrate that the model typically can predict the temperature response at the slab surface within 30 °C. Results of several simulations are given to demonstrate the effects of changing casting conditions on the slab thermal profile, end of liquid pool, and solidification end point. A control methodology and algorithm suitable for online control of a continuous casting machine is described, and the ability to control the surface temperature profile by dynamically adjusting secondary spray cooling flow rates is demonstrated by simulation. Results from a preliminary version of the model that is capable of running in real time are presented and are compared with the slower, but more realistic, version of the model.