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Investment casting process characteristics

In consideration of the following three aspects, the basic principles of the main basis is still the general casting process, especially in the determination of process scheme, process parameters (such as steel casting round, draft, allowance, etc., in addition to the specific process bars) data because of the technology characteristic of investment casting is slightly different, and the principles of design with sand casting is identical.
As a general casting process design, process design for the task of investment casting:
(1) the design of gating system, determine the module structure.
(2) analysis of the structure of the casting technology;
(3) choose a reasonable process scheme, determine the relevant parameters of the casting process, casting drawing on the basis of the above characteristics mold diagram. Casting
The investment casting method another advantage is that it can be all kinds of alloy casting complex castings, especially casting high temperature alloy castings. Such as jet engine blades, the streamlined profile and cooling with inner chamber, with the machining process can hardly formation. With investment casting technology not only can do production batch production, ensure the consistency of the casting, but also avoids the stress concentration of knife residue after machining.
Casting size precision, generally up to ct4-6 (ct10~13 for sand casting, die casting, ct5~7) as the investment casting process is complex, there are many factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of castings, such as mold material shrinkage, deformation of casting shell, changes in heating and cooling process line, shrinkage the rate of alloy and casting during solidification process of deformation, so the size of precision castings although higher, but it still needs to improve consistency (dimensional consistency of wax material used in high temperature, much higher).
Introduced.technology suppression, using pressure type, cavity surface finish high therefore, casting surface finish is high. In addition, refractory coating shell by special binder and refractory material with high temperature resistance coating prepared in the introduced.technology made direct contact with the molten metal cavity surface finish high. Therefore, the investment casting surface finish than the general casting high, generally up to ra.1.6~3.2 M.
The investment casting the biggest advantage is due to the investment casting with high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, so can reduce machining work, only in parts of the parts of the high demand for a little machining allowance can, even some casting only keep grinding, polishing allowance, not mechanical processing can be used. Thus, the it can save a lot of investment casting machine equipment and processing time casting method, greatly saves metal materials.
Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,LTD adopt silica sol investment casting technology,Material:various kinds of carbon steel,alloy tool steel,wear-resistant alloy steel,heat-resistant alloy steel casting and all kinds of stainless steel &it's developed products.
Application:chemical industry, mining industry, precision machined parts, auto parts,machining parts,marine parts,automobile Casting Parts, architectural Casting Parts, and general Casting Parts,railway industry, mechanical components,construction machinery industry,blades and vanes for turbines,glass pool fencing,staircase balustrades,balcony/terrace balustrade etc,textile industry, medical parts, machine industry, aeroplane and aerospace industry, automotive industry, agricultural industry, valve and pump industry etc.
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