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Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd

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Yongan Town,Dinghu district Zhaoqing City,Guangdong Province,China

Which steel casting AND what casting technology will you cho

OLYM Metal Products Co., Ltd, located in the  Pearl Rival  Delta city zhaoqing ,Guangdong,China. With convenient transportation and cost advantages, the government strongly supports。
OLYM CASTING is  committed to providing the highest quality parts at affordable prices.
The mainly material  carbon steel  ,stainless steel and other alloy steel are  common used  among various industries ,such as Medical industry ,  Mining industry   ,Food & Dairy industry  ,Petrochemical industry ,  Automotive industry ,Machine Tool industry ,  Firearms industry ,Construction industry ,architecture industry etc. 
Stainless Steel investment castings
Stainless steel's biggest advantage is its excellent corrosion resistance.  stainless steel investment castings have a built-in chromium oxide layer that provides exceptional anti-corrosive properties. 
 Carbon steel investment castings
 Carbon steel may save cost for you , if not all secondary machining operations. You can try to  converted to carbon steel investment castings with significant cost savings from  sand castings, forgings, and machined components ...
Other kinds steel investmetn castings will according to your special requirements ,our engineer team will give you a satisfation respond . 
Besides provide all kinds of steel casting parts  ,we can also supply you prototype castings and aluminum alloy castings.
prototype castings
OLYM CASTING  has the capability of producing prototype castings in 2-3 weeks to prove out the design of a part without the expense of hard tooling.
A356 aluminum alloy castings
 OLYM CASTING has the capabilities of producing aluminum alloy castings 
Make us part of your supply chain, our team of engineers and metallurgists will work closely with you to enhance your competitive position in the market.
OLYM’s team of INVESMENT CASTING Engineers pride themselves at meeting Cost, Quality and Delivery objectives for the supply of your components.
After the epidemic covid-19 is over, welcome to visit our factory.  Hope everyone is safe and healthy.