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Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd

Investment casting parts-Castings obtained by casting methods using precision casting molds.

Commonly used is investment casting, also known as lost wax casting:Selection of suitable investment materials (such as paraffin wax) to manufacture the investment castings;Repeated dip coating and refractory sand process on the investment castings,hardening shell and drying,and then melt the internal melt away,acquired cavity,roasting shell to obtain sufficient strenth and burn the residual melt molding material,pouring the needed metal materials,first solidification cooling then  clear sand then  acquire high precision finished product. According to the needs of products,to do heat treatment and cold maching and surface treatment.

Investment casting in addition to air, the Ministry of weapons,almost application in all industry areas,especially in electrical ,oil,chemical,energy ,transportation,light industry,textile,pharmaceutical, medical devices, pumps and valves and other departments.

Furniture hardware can manufacture by investment casting process.