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Investment casting also called lost wax casting ,Its casting products are accuracy ,complex and closed to the final  shape of this part, it can be directly used (not be processed or seldom processed ). So investment casting is an advanced technology of near complete forming.

In China ancient ,like king Wu Ding, copper ban, bronze lion etc,all of them are the masterpieces of investment casting. From 1940s after investment casting using in industry product,half a century investment casting has been developing at a faster pace,especially European and American countries keep rapid development.  Except Investment casting used in aviation ,weapons departments,it almost application in all of industries ,particularlly in electronics,petroleum,chemical ,energy,transportation,light industry,textiles,pharmaceuticals ,medical devices,pumps and valves and other departments.

In recent years ,our country developed rapidly.

As technology developed make investment casting not only produce small castings but also produce large casting,the maximize outer profile already closed to 2m,but the mini thickness is not more than 2mm, meanwhile the investment castings are more sophisticated ,except for linear tolerance,the spare parts also reach the higher geometric tolerance,the surface roughness of investment castings is also getting smaller and smaller can achieve Ra0.4μm.

Some customers choose to do marine parts according to investment casting process.Marine parts with investment casting process keep high quality and can save cost.