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Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd

     Today in the morning I went to drugstore to buy medicine ,and their is a women seller out of drugstore to sell her pork, I buy pig bone and pork there .When I back to office ,my colleague ask me how much I buy there, I told her ,she said you buy too expensive than here ,at last I pay her more than 10RMB.
      I choose not to disturb that pork seller again, yes,I seldom buy pork but my friends they buy everyday, I can know the real price from them ,today I cheated and from now on ,this pork seller lose me and even lose my friends.
      In the meanwhile we can come out a result from buying pork, price should be fair to different people,if you want to keep long term business relationship ,should be fair to different people.
    To us ZHAO QING OLYM METAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD as an OEM investment casting vendor, we always consider keep our price fair to each customer is fatal of great concern. Our factory establishes in the 2001, since 2001,thanks to our customers support us all the time ,we keep good relationship with them ,we cherish our reputation like cherish our life ,we hope our new customers with no worry when they decide to cooperate with us. We can give our new customer much more time to know us  and then make their decide , To my experience,price is not the first important to our customer ,but they cherish your credibility and integrity,so give your best to your customers and also give you an opportunity.
     Such as produce steel casting furniture hardware,if customer let us help them to do OEM furniture hardware with silica sol investment casting technology,we must keep price fair to different customers ,build long -term busniess relationship is an important things.