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    The history of lost wax casting (investment castng)-

   The investment casting or lost wax process originates from ancient times. A number of Chinese bronze artefacts, dating from the Shang Dynasty, were created using investment casting techniques. Investment casting has been used down the ages to produce various works of art, the versatility of the process allowing intricate and delicate objects to be cast.

    Advances in technology have brought investment up to date and it is probably now the most modern and versatile process used to achieve metal castings. Designers of metal components are keen to use the process as it offers reliability coupled with the ability to produce most design requirements.

    Versatility and flexibility are key advantages of the investment casting process. Shape and size of components are not a problem.

    Investment casting can be used to manufacture metal components of various shapes and sizes. The technique produces castings as a single unit, thereby eliminating the need for welding and assembling.

    By using investment casting mould joint lines can be avoided. Complex pieces and accurate dimensions can easily be accommodated.

    The nature of the process also means it is easily adapted to producing small or large quantities.

Close dimensional tolerances on castings can be achieved of + or - 0.005 inches per inch (metric equivalent 0.125mm per 25mm).

    This level of accuracy is usually sufficient to eliminate the need for further machining on many components, as the process gives an excellent finish on dimensions and surface texture.

    In addition the majority of alloys can be investment cast, including many that prove problematic to machine.

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