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Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd

Hi friends,

All we need is quality life ,we want to have full time to accompany our parents and our children and our partner and our friends ,it’s a nice dream. In the real world  we have much things to do ,the important thing we should struggle for our life ,we want our families have better life ,quality life.

Meanwhile,for olym OEM investment casting vendor ,quality is culture life ,Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd  always do its best to control the quality and  keep customers place orders again and again. OLYM knows quality is life not only to itself but also to buyers ,as you know in the modern life, almost every industry would like to manufacture spare parts with lost wax casting process.

Application: chemical industry, mining industry, engineering machine, auto parts,machining parts,marine parts,automobile Casting Parts, architectural Casting Parts, and general Casting Parts,railway industry, construction machinery industry,blades and vanes for turbines,glass pool fencing,staircase balustrades,balcony/terrace balustrade etc,textile industry, medical parts, machine industry, plane and aerospace industry, automotive industry, agricultural industry, pneumatic valve and pump industry and so on.

Lost Wax Investment Casting Design Advantages
Lost wax casting provides greater design flexibility
Lost wax investment casting provides greater detail
Near net shape
Greater alloy selection to enhance part performance
Surface finishes 120 to 150 RMS
Close tolerances ±.005 inch per inch
Lost wax investment casting results in weight reduction
Lost Wax Investment Castings Cost Advantages
Lost wax casting provides near net shape lowers material usage
Reduce material costs
Lost wax investment casting reduces expensive machining operations
Eliminate expensive fabrications and weldments
Low initial tooling costs
Economic order quantities ranging from Prototype quantities to Long Production Runs
Any body need investment casting more about Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd,please contact jessie ,website:www.castch.com.
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Jessie (sale@olymcast.com)