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Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd


The more and more people think quality is the first level than price. We are pleased to hear that. Actually in China,the government cherish the quality much more than before ,they demand enterprises to improve quality instantly and give up lowest quality products ,our factory should strong ourselves and do our best to supply the world the good products .

Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd is a factory located in yong'an Town,Dinghu District Zhaoqing City,Guangdong Province,China built since 2001. The company always consider quality is culture,since establish in 2001, keep the customers  believing ,,no one leave till now. In recently years,according to our spirit of our government ,we instantly improve ourselves and develop new products ,new materials ,hope in near future we can supplier more and more oem products for our factory old and new.So in this essay ,I want to discuss quality assurance of investment casting process.
As follows:
Firstly ,Incoming inspection
  1. Raw materials& accessories incoming inspection.
  2. Mold inspection
Secondly, Measurement management
  1. Files establishment of the monitoring devices
  2. Proper use of the monitoring device
  3. Calibration,maintenance of the monitoring device
  4. Deal scrapped of the monitoring device
Thirdly, Production process inspection
  1. wax modeling process inspection
  2. Coating process inspection
  3. Smelling &pouring process inspection
  4. After finishing process inspection
  5. Heat treatment,mechanical properties testing
  6. Machine process inspection
  7. Surface treatment inspection
  8. Finished products&packaging inspection .
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For know more about OEM investment casting  OEM steel casting,please check website:www.castch.com ,if you want to know more about this technology or you have products to do OEM,do not  hesitate to contact with me.