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Believable is the most important just keep patient- oem investment casting factory,product like bathroom hardware and other lost wax castings .

Keep patience to someone is an art especially to the people who are around you.In this essay take a story around me.

A friend of me who always keep warmhearted to me,I share everything with her ,we recognized each other about half a year.

One day I tell her that I want to gain driver's license,she know that and suggest me to follow her trainer ,I agree to meet this trainer. I choose a day with my hubby together to meet the trainer,but make us disappointed . The trainer seems not patient and show indifferent attitude which make me and my husband feels not good. Then we said to trainer let us consider and then contact you. The next day we found we lost something there ,so called the trainer to confirm,but the trainer didnt cooperate with us,until five days later I call him again and get my package,he just answer one question no saying and at last I decided not follow him.

I told my friend I wont follow this trainer,my friend get very angry and reprimand and then did not listen to my explains which make me feel very sad. However two days later when I heard that she want to buy something to apologize to the trainer ,I decide to explain to her no matter she listen or not. At first my friend still dont want to listen my words,at last I tell the whole process with the trainer ,she keep silient at last,next day she say hello to me but already heart my heart. 

Beliveable is the improtant betwween friends ,build beliveable with each other need many times ,but hurt only several minutes. So cherish anybody who is arround you just keep patience.

This story make me remember the relations bettwwen customer and vendor and so on. Keep patience to each other and then decided can keep good cooperation forever. Belivable is critical need lots of times to build ,so cherich. As us (olym metal products )we always keep patience to our customer with our best service,who become our customer will keep long term business relationship.

Welcome to know us and if you want you can come to our factory and we can communicate with each other about how to manufacture lost wax casting,as you know machining and welding parts is more expensive than casting ,if you have this kind products you can try our technology and save your cost. My email:sale@olymcast.com (jessie)