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Why I decide to write this article because these days we produce his products , we chat a lot about the schedule of product , and in the process for the first new project ,the products seems not perfect enough,I write a document which mark on pictures,he accept and said okay, he thank me for my great effort on this,and what I do can save cost for him.But I know he is my good customers ,do for him is doing for us .
Yes,like many other foreign traders ,everyday I send emails to some customers ,few reply from them but insist this day and day,of course sometimes want to give up,but why customers choose you as their vendor in the large number of suppliers ?
Usually I consider myself as customers ,if I am customers ,receive so many emails a day ,what will I do ?
Luckily customers choose you ,first compare you with others ,and then consider you as his vendor in a large number of suppliers .
We should pay great attention on customers’ requirement ,whatever happend ,let your customers know and sometimes you will get better suggestions on how to solve the problems and avoid further losses. No one is perfect even you and your customers ,the most important is let’s face and solve.
I work in an OEM investment casting factory ,you know first OEM for the first new project will occur some questions ,but you should find the problems and solve it,never let your customers disappointed in you once he choose you .
Below is my details ,any questions we can talk together :
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